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Privacy Policy

    Welcome to SSCHRA Online, owned and produced by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is the leading membership association for the human resource profession. Our websites are available to all visitors, although some content and features are restricted to SHRM members.

    Throughout SSCHRA Online, there are forms for visitors to request information, products, and services. These forms may ask for contact information (such as your phone number or e-mail address), unique identifiers (usually your SHRM membership number, if one is available), financial information (such as your credit card number), or demographic information (for example, your age, location, PHR/SPHR designation, etc.). Contact information from these forms is used to provide the products, promotional materials, or memberships that you request. Forms on our site that request financial information do so in order to bill you for products or services ordered. Unique identifiers (specifically, your SHRM member number) are collected from website visitors to verify the user's identity for access to restricted content or features on the site.