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    SSCHRA Chapter Meeting and Presentation - June

    Date: June 12, 2014, 8:30am – 10:00am
    Prairie State College Annex
    4821 Southwick Dr.
    Matteson, IL 60443
    Free for members and first time guests, $10 for non-members
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    Five Generations in the Workplace 

    There is a great generational divide that exists in our culture which began around 2011. This causes confusion, conflict, productivity challenges, customer issues, leadership and management gaps, and overall tension in the workplace and loss in revenue and profitability. How can we manage these gaps and even more importantly, use them to our advantage? Looking to boost productivity in your work force in 2014? Communicating with the 5 Generations in the Workplace is the book to read. Employers & employees alike should read this book to become more knowledgeable & understanding of the people you work for and work beside. After reading this book you will recognize why there can be disunity and mistrust between co-workers themselves and co-workers and management but the authors guide us to solutions to increasing understanding and ultimately productivity and harmony across the generations who are in our workplaces.

    Our presenter will be Mary Erlain

    As published author, business coach, facilitator, and professional speaker, Mary Erlain offers business professionals the professional development services they need to thrive in their business roles. An organization’s foundation is their people – the employees, management and owners – running the day-to-day operations. Mary’s focus is to help companies and individuals meet their goals through uncovering talents and potential.
    She has a mission to strengthen an organization’s core foundation to be competitive in the marketplace. She also has a support system of resources and knowledge of marketplace trends within various industries. Mary works to incorporate the needs of businesses into leadership planning and marketplace strategies through her coaching, business books, and business acceleration tools.

    Join us for this informative presentation!